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A unique program in Romania where you work with experienced managers, learn from their expertise, and launch your first business project.
Eliza Popa
QA Engineer at Commify
"A captivating journey of self-discovery, mentors transformed challenges into ease."
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Get undeniable advantages from Internships

Without experience, you may be less appealing to employers. So, where can you gain it? We've incorporated genuine IT internships into our programs, ensuring that after completing them, you'll effortlessly land a job and captivate employers.

Teamwork Skills
Job Chances
Learning to work in a team is just as important as learning to code.
The most successful students get hired during their internship.
Expert Advice
You'll collaborate with seasoned managers who have successfully completed numerous projects
Projects from Real Businesses
Your training is in the past; now you'll apply your skills in a real work environment.

Choose your future job and book a seat in internship

You future Internship mentors

Freelancer & Senior Full Stack Developer
Senior Frontend Developer
JavaScript Developer
Freelancer & Senior Front End Developer
Middle QA Engineer
Senior QA Engineer
Freelancer & Lead UI/UX Designer
Sandu Cristian-Claudiu
Senior QA Engineer
Senior QA Engineer
Senior QA Engineer
Freelancer & Middle UI/UX Designer
Senior QA Engineer

Reviews about our students

“SkillBrain students have impressed in various fields, highlighting their strong technical skills in web application development and software testing. With a deep understanding of JavaScript and the React framework, they created complex projects and managed effective communication between the various components of the applications. In addition, their positive attitude, enthusiasm, and collaboration skills made them noticed and appreciated by development and testing teams. Thus, these students demonstrated outstanding technical skills and the potential to succeed in the IT industry.”
Igor Mardari
CTO & Co-Founder at 7code
“Representing Binarcode, we deeply appreciate the impact of Skillbrain's internship program. Internships play a crucial role in IT, providing practical experience that complements theoretical knowledge, essential for a successful career. Skillbrain interns have stood out for their adaptability and strong work ethic, making valuable contributions to our projects. Their program effectively prepares participants for the industry, blending technical development with personal growth. We confidently recommend Skillbrain to those seeking a smooth transition between education and the professional IT environment. We look forward to continuing this collaboration.”
Eduard Lupacescu
CEO & Co-Founder at BinarCode
“Collaborating with SkillBrain's internship program has been highly positive, highlighted by their professionalism and dedication to training. SkillBrain interns brought remarkable skills and enthusiasm to IvySoft, showcasing a proactive attitude and creativity in tackling project challenges. Their eagerness to learn and contribute was inspiring. SkillBrain's management and communication ensured a smooth collaboration. Our experience has been very positive, also reflected in feedback from IvySoft's end clients, leading us to confidently recommend SkillBrain to anyone looking to start an IT career.”
Dyonis Nipomici
CEO & Co-Founder at Ivysoft
“SkillBrain interns developed a marketplace project for Poland, showing not only technical skills but also critical thinking. They exceeded expectations by providing creative solutions and fresh perspectives. SkillBrain was outstanding in preparing students for tackling real challenges, thanks to applied education, which was successfully integrated into their training program.”
Vlad Bomboe
CEO & Founder at Fullscreen Digital
“As a product company, Jogga places a special emphasis on quality, and the interns from SkillBrain have managed to deliver exactly the high standard we seek. The education they received through SkillBrain's courses equipped them with the necessary skills to successfully tackle the specific challenges of our project, making their courses ideal for anyone aspiring to achieve excellence in the tech field.”
Piciorea Vladut
CEO & Founder at Jogga
“SkillBrain brought a significant enhancement to TapTasty's operations, especially through the seamless integration of CI/CD practices into our product testing phases. SkillBrain interns impressed us with their technical prowess and agile methodology expertise, markedly improving our development and deployment efficiency. The collaboration has been pivotal for TapTasty, and we are willing to continue it on a long term.”
Adorian Chiorean
CEO & Founder at TapTasty
“Working with SkillBrain to develop our new web application was a fantastic experience. We wanted a simple, effective tool to help us reach more people and share our mission, and SkillBrain delivered just that. They really listened to what we needed and made sure the website was just right for us. We're really grateful to SkillBrain for all their hard work and dedication.”
Claudia Jehl
Senior Manager Partner Relations at Laureus
“SkillBrain ne-a ajutat mult la testarea aplicației ContApp. Studenții lor au trecut prin toată aplicația și au găsit greșeli pe care noi, echipa de dezvoltatori, le-am putut apoi corecta. Acest lucru a făcut ca aplicația noastră să meargă mai bine și să fie mai ușor de folosit. Suntem mulțumiți de cum a decurs colaborarea cu SkillBrain și vedem această experiență ca pe un pas spre îmbunătățirea ContApp.”
Constantin Cozma
CEO & Founder at Contapp

How will you navigate your internship

Format of Internship

All online. You'll be guided by Managers and collaborate with your team, just like in an IT company.


2 months with weekly immersion.
Estimated workload of 15 hours per week.

Available Professions

Internships are open to Front-end developers, QA specialists, and UI/UX designers.


Chat with SkillBrain mentors and instructors, live meetings, and project progress discussions.

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From Zero to Independent specialist


From Zero to Independent specialist in

3 steps

Join expert-led classes
Learn directly from experts with ongoing support.
Start internship
Boost your confidence through projects with our partner companies.
Collaborate with Career Center
Our career and program mentors will fast-track your job hunt.
Get hired or freelance
Your average starting salary in IT of.
20K$ yearly or 15 $/hour

Projects you'll be working on alongside IT companies

Developing App: Task Manager Pro

Create a stylish Task Manager using React, Redux, and Material UI, showcasing your front-end skills. It's a hands-on web development journey with UI design, Git, and live deployment. Result? A dynamic Task Manager with task control, login, and backend connections.

Testing big
e-commerce website

Dive into the world of Quality Assurance as you test E-commerce websites, honing your skills in ensuring top-notch user experiences. You'll explore various testing technologies such as Selenium, Appium, and JIRA to identify and rectify issues, ensuring a seamless online shopping journey for users.
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Our students work in IT companies
UK and
Razvan Carp
Junior Front End Developer at Laureus
Bianca Suru
Junior Front End Developer
Gabriel (Dan) Dae
Junior QA Engineer
Laura Ioana Popa
Junior Front End Developer at INFORM
Bogdan Balu
Junior Front End Developer at Life Is Hard
Cosmin Sekel
Junior QA Engineer at FullScreen Digital
Dabija Andreea Maria
Junior QA Automation Engineer at Betfair
Bogdan Profir
Freelancer & Junior Front End Developer
Georgiana Ungureanu
Junior QA Engineer
Pirvan Robert
Junior QA Engineer
Eliza Popa
Junior QA Engineer at Commify
What our students
"Everything was great, the trainers were patient, professional, and friendly. The chapters seem well-structured to make the learning process as smooth as possible. SkillBrain has helped us learn to work in a structured and organized manner. Throughout the course, many useful platforms were used and learned. Among them is Jira, which is very popular in many companies and considered an added value for those who know it.”
Marcel Cosmin Pișta
Junior QA Engineer
"SkillBrain has been a pivotal moment in my life. I had no prior training in the IT field, and this was a complete 360-degree conversion for me. It provided me with the basics, and from there, I started learning more and more. SkillBrain was the launchpad that propelled me to where I am today.”
Eliza Popa
QA Engineer at Commify
"I had an excellent mentor in Mihai Neamț, who I found to be the best among all. I learned a lot from him and managed to improve my coding skills. The Career Center was helpful for my morale, as I could talk to other participants and mentors to help me develop my skills and not get discouraged. I chose SkillBrain because it has a very extensive course program and covers important topics like React and Redux. During the internship, I learned many things, and I really enjoyed working in a team and using different libraries for React.”
Alexandra Mureașan
Junior Front End Developer at 7Code
"The material is very well-structured, starting with easier projects and gradually becoming more complex throughout the course. The interaction with the mentor was very good. I received answers to all my questions, both during the course and outside of it.”
"The beginning was about clarity - by clearly defining what I wanted to achieve, the Skillbrain course laid the foundations for a successful transition into IT for me. Skillbrain is not just a course, but a learning community where every question, challenge and achievement is valued. The interaction with the mentors was crucial; their openness and support allowed me to navigate through the material and overcome challenges. The Skillbrain Career Centre was not just a guide but a springboard. It taught me how to optimize my resume and present myself as a QA professional. The hands-on experience through the final project was a real test of the skills learned, putting my knowledge and adaptability to the test. The course taught me that there are no bad questions. Every question asked was a learning opportunity. ”
Cosmin Sekel
Junior QA Engineer at FullScreen Digital
Cristian Zidărescu
Junior Manual QA Engineer at Travco Corporation Ltd
"The interaction with the mentor was very good because the mentor was friendly with all of us and was there, beside us throughout the course, to support us and teach us many new things. I highly recommend SkillBrain with confidence.”
Antonia Bulc
Junior Front End Developer
"The material is structured in such a way that it's very easy for us. The English version, the Romanian version, and the videos are short. This helps our brain understand the information much easier. The interaction with the mentors was really great because whenever we encountered problems, either me or my colleagues were just a step away, meaning through a video call or chat, a message or two, and thus we solved the problems we had.”
Georgiana Ungureanu
Junior QA Engineer
"Participating in SkillBrain courses was a turning point in my career. Thanks to exceptional mentorship and valuable resources provided by the career center, I managed to optimize my resume and prepare effectively for interviews, culminating in my employment in the IT field. I highly recommend SkillBrain to anyone looking to make a successful transition into this dynamic sector.”
Razvan Nistor
Freelance Front End Developer
"I have successfully made the transition into IT, applying almost 100% of what I learned in my courses to my current job. It was essential to learn how to pick up bugs and how to write for automated testing; things I still apply today. Manual testing takes up 70% of my work, but I also apply automated testing, adapting to our needs. Transitioning into IT appealed to me because I've always loved being on the computer, and let's face it, it's the future. Skillbrain gave me a springboard into IT, providing me with the mentors and resources I needed to succeed.”
Vlad Stanciu
Junior QA Engineer at BCR
"The SkillBrand course helped me to present myself much better... and successfully negotiate for salary. I was really able to successfully make the transition into IT. I think the most important thing is to be patient; it's a long road, but if you want it, it can be done. The mentors are very good... they encouraged me to experiment and learn from mistakes. The intership experience was extremely valuable; it helped me better understand how to work in an IT team. The career centre was crucial for me; it taught me how to present myself and how to build an attractive CV. I highly recommend anyone looking to make a career change to try SkillBrand courses; they have helped me get to where I am today.”
Daniel Irimia
Junior QA Engineer at Idealog
"I've had the opportunity to learn not only the front-end, but also a little bit of the back-end, which helps me develop even more. The fact that I was able to get a job as a result of the knowledge I gained at Skillbrand makes me recommend the course with confidence. The mentor was always available for questions, encouraging us to explore and understand the course material. The interaction with the partner company where I did my internship was a valuable experience, giving me the chance to apply my knowledge in a real context. The career centre was of real benefit, helping me to build an attractive CV and prepare for interviews.”
Andrei Popescu
Junior Front End Developer at
New Yolk Farm

Choose your future

Front-End Developer
Learn to create websites, apps, and services, becoming a highly desired IT specialist.
Your salary in two years
8 500—10 000 RON
Level after graduation
Junior developer
Duration of basic training
5 months
Duration of basic Training + Internship + Employment
10 months
Government degree
QA Engineer
Learn to identify and fix issues in IT products like apps, websites, and software.
Your salary in two years
8 500—10 000 RON
Level after graduation
Junior developer
Duration of basic training
4 months
Duration of basic Training + Internship + Employment
9 months
Government degree
Designer / Freelancer UI/UX
Learn to design websites, advertising banners, and mobile applications
Your rate
15 USD / hour
Level after graduation
Entry-level Designer
Duration of basic training
2 months
Duration of basic Training + Internship + Employment
7 months
Government degree

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

What will I learn on the courses?

You will learn essential professions for the IT industry: UI/UX Designer, Front-end Developer, and QA Engineer. These are among the most sought-after professions, even if you have yet to gain experience, and they pay very well.

Is the course online?

Yes, the whole study process is online. You will meet your mentor live via video conference, but the course session will be recorded and you will have access to it later. In addition, video and text lessons are already in the platform.

What can I do after the training course?

You are never alone in this process! After the specialization course, the internship in an IT company follows. After that, in the Career Centre, an IT recruiter will teach you everything you need to know to get hired.

What is the schedule?

Live sessions with the mentor are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:30. The advantage is that these live sessions are recorded and you will have access to the recordings forever.

How do the sessions work?

Interactively. The mentor teaches theory and practice, challenges you with questions and exercises, and looks forward to your input.

What if I can't attend the live sessions with the mentor?

The live sessions are recorded, so you can watch the recording the next day. If questions arise, you can ask them in the group chat or at the next session.

Do I have to quit my current job?

No. We keep in mind that you have other responsibilities, so the live sessions with the mentor are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:30, and we will record each session

How much does an IT specialist earn?

In Romania, an IT specialist earns on average 5,000 lei as a beginner and 15,000 lei as a senior. Earnings can be higher if you work for a foreign company or as a freelancer.

Do I need to speak in english?

It is not mandatory. Usually, the employing company invests in your education, including the study of English.

Can I make it in IT without having college?

Yes, there is a great need for specialists in IT and it's less about your degree and more about what you can do and how you can demonstrate it.

Can I make it without BAC examination?

Yes, there is a high demand for specialists for specialists in IT and you can work in the field without a degree if you can do the job.

Can I join if I’m older?

Yes, you can have a career in IT regardless of age, and older age can be an

What if I’m not suitable?

The mentor makes every effort to ensure that each learner understands and practices constantly. There is a recap at each chapter. Classes are interactive, questions are encouraged. If you need to, you can start with another group or opt for 1:1 sessions with a mentor.